Classic Toddler and Baby Hair Brush-Colors-Blue-Pink-Silver

$ 29.00


Give the gift of gentle care with this baby hair brush, crafted from 100% natural boar bristle. Its soft bristles are perfect for a newborn's delicate scalp, yet strong enough to manage a toddler's developing hair. The polished seamless design and gentle curves, along with the double cushion, make this brush a perfect present for a new baby. Eash brush comes beutifully boxed, making it a thoughtful and practical gift for any new parent.

The Creative's Hair Brush, the classic baby hair brush, is made of soft natural boar bristle.  This beautiful hair brush will make baby and toddler happy with each brush stroke. Brushing a baby's hair from an early age is important for a healthy scalp. Your baby's scalp is stimulated when you brush their hair, even with a soft natural boar bristle baby. Brushing a baby's hair from an early age is important for a healthy scalp. which promotes healthy hair growth. Brushing their hair can relax your baby and even help them sleep. The added benefit of this is that it hopefully will get you a bit more sleep. You can give your baby a gentle scalp massage as you brush their hair. which promotes healthy hair .

About this item

  • Gentle for baby's and toddlers 
  • Soft Natural boar bristles keeps the scalp healthy 
  • Calming and comforting for baby's and toddlers 
  • Brushing everyday makes the hair shiny and silky 
  • Available in Blue and Pink, air cushion base
  • The Top Choice for Parents: Preferred by Mommies and Daddies Everywhere