Founded in New York City in 1990, Creative Pro Hair Tools offers professional quality, innovative products made with the best technology and materials. Our family-owned company designs, manufactures and distributes our full line so we can uphold the integrity of our products, while keeping prices affordable.

With experience in both beauty and engineering, CP founder Jacob Guttman has an uncanny ability to improve the design and durability of hair tools. Aside from being the ultimate creative thinker, he’s an excellent listener. Stylists are his closest advisors. He understands the wear and tear of all day styling on both the stylist and the brush, the needs of various hair textures and how materials and shapes can be used to create desired hairstyles.

Today Jacob and his daughter Loren work as partners. Together, they have designed a full product line that meets both the high standards of professionals and the everyday needs of the whole family, including Loren's two young children! With a passion for innovation and sustainability, CP's Tools for the Art of Hairstyling have earned a cult following. Order yours today!