Spornette - XL Nylon Rounders 2.75 Inch 964-XL

$ 12.00

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This brush is for: women with long and thick hair, but it can comfortably be used for all hair types. The XL Nylon rounder is suitable for use on salon clients or at-home for everyday use.


The XL Nylon round brushes come in two diameters: Medium (2.25”), Large (2.75”). Diameter selection is important. For shorter layers, go with a smaller diameter, and for longer layers, select a larger diameter.

Styling Features; What makes it unique:

the long, soft nylon bristles are longer than standard round brushes. The longer bristles can easily penetrate the thickest hair and keep long strands securely in place.


 this brush features double-stranded bristles. Double-stranded means that the XL Nylon Rounder has more bristles than other round brushes, creating maximum tension and speeding up dry time. Extra-long bristles easily hold long hair into place effortlessly, making blow-outs a breeze.



  • Do not roll this brush tightly. Keep the hair on top of the bristles and roll continually through the hair