Spornette Italian Round Brushes

$ 25.00

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The Italian Rounders come in different diameters: Small (2”) with rattail handle, Medium (2 ¼ ”), and Extra Large (3”). Additionally, there are two diameters with double-density boar bristles: Large (2 ¾”) and Extra Large (3”). Double-density bristles add more shine, more smoothness, and create more hair-to-bristle contact. The double-density Italian Rounders are perfect for adding any finishing touches and are best for nearly dry hair.

Styling Features; What makes it unique:

These brushes are meticulously crafted in Italy. The 2” round brush has a rattail handle to easily section and part hair. The wooden barrel is lightweight and does not get too hot when used with a blow-dryer.


Natural boar bristles create shiny, frizz-free, and voluminous styles while positively affecting the hair’s overall health. Nylon bristles help to penetrate and hold thicker hair types in place and prevent the boar bristles from bending. The Italian Rounders easily add curls and volume while styling.


  •  This brush can be left in your hair to set the hair to create volume and curls