Gold Ceramic Nano Coating & Wavy Ion Bristle Hair Brush - 7.5 Long Barrel

$ 42.00


The Gold Ceramic 7.5 Inch hairbrush is designed with an innovative rounded barrel to create effortless beach waves. The unique size and shape of the brush allows for maximum flexibility allowing you to dry and style your hair with ease. The wavy Ion bristles help provide a silky-smooth finish and make it easier to achieve your desire look. With this brush, you can achieve gorgeous beach waves.

Our Ceramic Tech  Hair Brushes are designed with a combination of a Ceramic Nano barrel and WAVY ION Bristles to ensure even heat distribution throughout the hair shaft, reducing the time it takes to blow-dry your hair.

The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip during styling, while ceramic nano technology helps reduce static and adds a glossy finish to the hair. leaving it looking smooth and healthy. The added heat retention also helps to seal in moisture leaving your hair feeling nourished and hydrated. With the added benefits of anti-frizz properties, you can be sure that your hair will stay looking smooth and sleek all day long.

The Extra Long 7.5" barrel has been has been carefully designed to create waves, volume, and curls, while the Ion Wavy Bristles reduce static and seal the cuticle while adding shine.

 The Gold Nano Technology Hair brush will leave you with frizz-free hair that is soft and smooth

About this item
  • 7.5" thermal barrel,
  • The long barrel of this hairbrush is designed specifically for medium to long hair,
  • Ceramic nano barrel
  • Wavy Ion bristles
(Please note : a standard thermal barrel is 4.5" )

available sizes are 1.5", 2", 2.5" diameter