$ 23.95

The Flex Vent Brush with soft bristle is great for extensions and sensitive scalps. 

Flexing to release knots gently rather than tearing through the tangle. 

Designed for fine to medium hair texture.

There are no ball tips to catch and snag hair with extensions. 

Give Yourself a head Massage with the creative hair tools flex brush 

 Regular head massages might help hair grow  in thicker.

Massages are known to help ease stress, and stress can contribute to hair loss. 

Besides, they feel great. Try a scalp massaging tool the flex vent brush  gently  several minutes each day.

The Flexvent Handy maintains direct contact with your scalp providing the perfect amount of pressure for stimulating your scalp, increasing blood circulation to the scalp for healthy hair growth. The Flex Vent has so many attributes for styling hair extensions or just a good old fashion brushing. Preferred by Professional Stylist. 

Our boar bristles are harvest humanly and sheared the same way wool is sheared. No harm to the animals.

Soft bristles made from boar bristle and flexible nylon work well on all hair types, and are recommended for fine and medium hair textures and for sensitive scalps.

The Flexvent-Handy Mixed Bristle is ideal for all hair types and perfect for extensions.