Flexvent Brush Natural Boar Bristle XL

$ 24.50


100% boar bristle.
Flexible design allows the brush to flex to the contours of the scalp.

Give Yourself a head Massage with the creative hair tools flex brush 

 Regular head massages might help hair grow  in thicker.

Massages are known to help ease stress, and stress can contribute to hair loss. 

Besides, they feel great. Try a scalp massaging tool the flex vent brush  gently  several minutes each day.

Great for sensitive scalps.
Never snags of pulls.
Stimulates natural oils from the scalp.
Adds shine and feels great when brushing.

The Flex Detangle Spray is a revolutionary leave-in conditioner that increases flexibility to decrease damage during styling and detangling.

• Creates shine without weight
• Detangles while it strengthens & smoothes
• Light clean fragrance