Eco-Friendly Round Hair Brush Set

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Create the Perfect Blowout With Our Set of Ergonomic, Eco-Friendly Brushes

  • Enjoy multiple styling options with our round hair brush set made with sustainable materials.
  • Achieve a polished, naturally shiny blowout with our boar’s hair round brush.

Enjoy a set of Creative Pro Hair Tools three most popular eco-friendly round brushes. All of these natural boar bristle brushes have a 2-inch barrel — the perfect size for most hair lengths! Our brushes are made with birchwood and a natural cork handle, which is light-weight and easy to grip, making our brushes sustainable, eco-conscious, and ergonomic. Additionally, as you style your hair, the board’s hair stimulates the production of scalp oils, naturally hydrating your hair. This set of 3 eco-friendly brushes include a variety of bristle types for optimal and multiple styling options — buy online!

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  • Mixed bristles
  • Birchwood
  • Eco-friendly
  • Round brushes
  • Set of three