Eco-Friendly Wood Paddle Hair Brush (2 sizes)

$ 18.90


The Perfect Tool for Detangling, Smoothing & Grooming All Hair Types

  • Easily and comfortably detangle, smooth, and groom your hair with our wood paddle hair.
  • Ergonomic design and made from sustainable materials.

Creative Pro Hair Tools durable birchwood handle hair brush, with a comfortable grip and air-cushioned pad and ball-point epoxy tipped bristles provide extra comfort while you groom and style your hair. Perfect for detangling, smoothing, and grooming all types of hairs, this wood paddle hair brush is one of our most popular items. Like our other natural boar bristle hair brushes, the wood paddle hair brush is eco-friendly and perfect for anyone looking to care for their hair, consciously and naturally!

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  • Epoxy-tipped bristle
  • Air-cushion pad
  • Birchwood
  • Eco-friendly
  • Rectangular paddle brushes