Men's Hair Brush & Beard Styler With Birchwood & Boar Bristles

$ 24.90


Eco-friendly Natural Boar Bristle Brush for Smooth, and Shiny Hair

  • Boar’s bristle brush stimulates the scalp’s natural production of oils for smoother, shinier, and more hydrated hair.
  • Wooden bristle hair brush makes styling easy and is a great eco-friendly brush for men 
  • This boar bristle hairbrush is perfect for most hair types and beards.

This hair brush is perfect for those with dry or thick hair, and can be used for thick beards. The boar bristle brush stimulates the scalp's natural production of oils, resulting in smoother, shinier, and naturally hydrated hair

Using a boar bristle hair brush can greatly benefit your hair by reducing the pulling force on the strand and minimizing static electricity. This can result in smoother, shinier and healthier-looking hair, making it a popular choice for those looking to improve the overall condition of their hair.



About this Item

  • Firm Boar Bristles - The firm bristles are cut unevenly  The stiff bristles are cut unevenly, 
  • Soft Boar Bristles- are smoother for a more sensitive scalp
  • Birchwood - is made of the wood of the birch tree, which is known for its white or light-colored bark and fine grain.
  • Eco-friendly
  • Rectangular paddle brush

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