Show appreciation to your hairstylist by gifting the "Creative Brushes" they love! 

Top on the holiday gift list of every New York City hairstylist are our infamous Pro-Triangle and Pro T-Curve hair brushes, uniquely designed for straightening, smoothing and adding volume. Using our patented technology the T-Curve reduces stress on the wrist when blow drying -- excellent for any stylist with chronic pain or carpel tunnel syndrome. The T-Curve dries hair faster which means less time in the chair for you and a more enjoyable blow-drying experience for your hair stylist. 


We have a number of special Detangling Combos that iron out all thorny knots and snarls. Our Spray-On Detangling Complex paired with a Wet Dry Detangling Brush or with our popular Handmade Tortoise Wide Toothed Comb are both under $30. 

For the eco-conscious hair stylist we carry a full line of wood and tortoise combs and birch wood brushes, or why not wow them with our new French Set complete with French Argan Oil Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment?  These salon quality hair care products are sulfate, paraben, sodium, chloride and PABA free to keep your hair healthy and the environment safe.