Perfect Brush

Everyone has that one hair brush that they turn to for a great look. Creative Pro Hair Tools has a wide variety of brushes available, all of which you can trust to leave your hair looking shinier and healthier.But how do you pick the perfect brush to buy?

Classic Styler Mixed Bristle Brush ($33.90 retail) is made with natural boar bristle, which is the closest material to human hair. When boar bristle is smoothed along the hair, it drags out microscopic debris and distributes the hair's natural oils leaving the hair looking cleaner and smelling fresher. The result is less frizz, less grease, and no damage to the hair.

Creative's Classic Styler has a cushion pad that is soft and shapes to the contour of the head - allowing for the boar and nylon bristles to penetrate to the scalp and stimulate blood flow keeping your scalp looking and feeling healthy. In a salon environment, the Classic Styler Mixed Bristle Brush can be used in a number of helpful ways. When used in the Pocket Classic size ($18.90 retail), the brush is excellent for creating the perfect Up-Do, adding volume, or creating a silky smooth blow dry. To create a voluminous hairstyle like Brigitte Bardot, follow the steps below using our Classic Styler Mixed Bristle Brush.

1. Volumize your Hair. If you want to get thick hair without having a fake or sparse-looking hair-do, use Creative Hair Tools’ Blowout Mousse.  Before that dries, use the Classic Standard Styler to blow-dry hair in one-inch sections.

2. Create the Texture Take the little bit of extra time to round the ends of the hair. Take a 1 ¼ inch curling iron and wrap hair from root to hand in a spiral motion to recreate that Bardot hair texture. This step does not have to be done precisely.

3. Seal the Look Flip your hair upside-down and use Creative Hair Tools’ Styling Spray (10oz, $15.90 retail) to add volume and longevity to the style.  Next, section off hair from the front of your head, grab the Pocket Classic Styler and tease the back of the hair. Separate, manage, and even pin hair down on the side to finish your look with your own personal flair.

There you have it, the Classic brush for a classic look! For a limited time only, receive a free detangling comb automatically with any purchase of our Classic Standard brushes! Check out our weekly blog for all trends in hair care and looks!

Happy Styling!

Creative Professional New York