It's easy to just jump straight into brushing your hair as if there's not a worry in the world while doing so. Its also very easy to damage hair if you aren’t using a brush correctly. Our boar bristled brushes are quite simple to use and should be used routinely to achieve the best results. Here is a flawless set of steps we recommend you take while using our boar bristled brush on your beautiful tresses!

1. Dry hair is essential!

The first and absolute most important step is to make sure your hair is dried thoroughly. We cant stress this enough, as brushing your hair while wet with any kind of brush can cause some serious damage. When your mane is wet, its at its absolute weakest point and can easily break and cause little stress tears in the hair shaft.

2. Brush starting from the back

Bend over so your head is tilted forward and start brushing from the nape of your neck going to the ends. Bending over and first brushing the underneath area of your locks will increase blood flow to your scalp.

3. Section brushing

Start brushing in sections working towards the front hair line to ensure you’re hitting the whole region of your scalp. This is important to stimulate the whole area and get deep into the sections you could miss if you were to just dive in and brush from front to back.

The boar bristled brush has been around since the 1800’s and some how the commonality of them got lost in the mumbo-jumbo of new age brushes that just don’t get the specific job done like boar bristles do. You can find our great selection of boar bristled brushes made for any hair type on our website. So take a look and have a happy journey to healthy, gorgeous hair!