Pro-Silver Nano and Wavy Ion Bristle Hair Brush

$ 18.90


The hairbrush is one of the most important hair tools you need to achieve silky shiny hair. Educating yourself and asking what makes a great product is important.Ceramic Nano Ionic Technology is what hairstylist love. They are able to blow-out hair faster and evenly achieving smooth silky hair with-out frizz. Ceramic nano hair brush 

The advanced ceramic barrel technology ensures that your hair heats up rapidly, resulting in frizz-free locks and a luxuriously smooth and shiny finish.Say goodbye to unruly hair and hello to effortlessly sleek and polished tresses with the help of this ceramic barrel. 

The Nano and wavy Ion bristle hair brush is designed to reduce frizz and enhance shine, while also sealing the cuticles to create a smooth and soft texture from the roots to the ends. This versatile brush can be used to create loose curls and waves in medium styles. The Pro silver nano and Ion bristles hair brush is available in 5 different sizes to suit various hair lengths and styles.

About this item

  • Wavy Ion Bristles for added shine
  • Eliminates frizz creates silky smooth hair
  • Heat is spread evenly on nano barrel dries the hair faster
  • Reduces static and heals hair cuticle

CR131-Nano 2.0 Inch

Nano Ceramic barrel has vents on them that allows hot air to pass through, allowing for a faster blow-out.Nano Ceramic barrel has vents on them that allow hot air to pass through allowing for a faster blow-out. The ceramic barrel heats up quickly giving you frizz-free hair with a silky smooth finish.

CR132-Nano 2.5 Inch

When using the the CR132-Nano 2.5 Inch brush it is best to use it on short hair for a smooth polished look and on long hair to add volume or create wave"s. The barrel size is important in achievung the style you want, so the measurment of the brush is from bristle to bristle.

CR133-Nano 3.0 Inch

For best results, our brushes are designed to be used on medium to long hair. Achieve volume and big waves with our larger brushes, and always get a smooth finish with each blow-out.

CR134-Nano 3.5 Inch

Recommended for use on medium to long hair. Volume and big waves. Our larger brushes are best with longer hair lengths. Great smoothness and shine. Say goodbye to frizz and dullness, and hello to hair that shines with health and vitality.

CR135-Nano 5.0 Inch

Our Jumbo 5.0 inch Hair Brush. will help you get pin straight hair while leaving your hair silky, shiny and frizz-free. The larger round hair brushes also let's you dry your hair faster with even heat distribution. 





What brush creates volume?
Round brushes that are made of ceramic or tourmaline are ideal for creating that volume and body in your hair. This is the brush you want to use when you are blow-drying your hair. Small size brushes create tighter curls, while brushes with larger barrels are known to straighten hair and create subtle waves.

For the best blowout, it's important to use the right hair brush to achieve the desired volume and body. One brush that is particularly effective in creating volume is the round brush.