Classic Signature Rose Gold Paddle Hairbrush

$ 39.90


The right hairbrush is essential for maintaining healthy hair and scalp. The Classic Signature Paddle ROSE GOLD hairbrush is suitable for all hair types, with its rubber padding and free-flowing bristles making tangle-free brushing a breeze. It's not only durable, but also elegant in design and available in a variety of bristle types and sizes. When caring for hair extensions, it's Important to use a brush that provides even pressure and gentle scalp stimulation. Boar bristle brushes can help polish the hair shaft and distribute nutrients, while extra long nylon bristles detangle without causing damage to the natural hair and extensions. 

The rose gold hairbrush not only adds a touch of beauty to your hairbrush collection, but it also delivers on functionality. Your hair will feel free and luxurious as the brush glides through, leaving your hair shiny and smooth.

Also available in Silver, Black, White, and Gold.