Azzurro Italian Titanium Thermal 7.75" XL Long Barrel

$ 58.90


The Italian made Azzurro Titanium hair brush is a favorite among stylist in the Creative Hair Brush Collection. Its extended titanium barrel allows for effortless curling, creating beautiful waves and curls, without the need for a curling iron. The heat resistant Ion bristle on the barrel provides strong tension, resulting in vibrant and long lasting curls. With The heat resistant ion bristles on the barrel provides strong tension, resulting in a vibrant and long-lasting curls. With a Thermoplastic elatomer coating handle provides a comfortable and non-slip grip for easy and comfortable use. 

TheTitaniumThermal Hair Brush XL - 7.75 Inch - is designed to give a silky smooth and shiny finish perfect for creating long beach waves. Its even distribution of heat and perfect tension make it ideal for vibrant, long lasting curls in record-breaking time. This brush is recommended for long hair, consider opting for a shorter barrel. 

Azzuro hairbrush, see our standard size.

Achieve the perfect look with our versatile hair styling hairbrush that can smooth and straighten your hair or create soft, beautiful waves for easy blow-drying and styling. Wheather you want a sleek and polished finish or a more relaxed, beachy vibe, this brush has you covered for all your hair styling needs. 


About Item

Italian Azzuro Collection By Creative Hair Brushes Long Waves without a Curling Iron 

-Extra long vented barrel for styling larger sections of hair in less time.

-Vented barrel design allows maxium airflow to speed up drying time.

-Ion bristles adds shine leaving your hair silky with a smooth finish 

-Smooth & straighten or create soft waves 

-Nano titanium evenly distributes and holds heat longer for faster styling

- Thermoplastic elatomer coating non-slip handle