Our tools are designed with the best materials and technology available. We understand the wear and tear that all day styling can cause, so our products are engineered to be light-weight, ergonomic, and durable.

From the T-Curve Brush to The Flex Brush we have tools unlike anything on the market.


Whenever possible we use recycled, sustainable, and biodegradable materials to engineer our tools. We are a family owned and run company. We believe that preserving the planet for the next generation is our responsibility.


We contribute to organizations like Tradeworks, to invest in the next generation of stylists, and Glamslam Productions, because we know that feeling good about your hair can be totally transformative.


We design, manufacture and distribute our tools. With no middlemen, we are able to maintain the integrity of our products and keep prices low.


Your feedback helps us constantly improve our line and innovate new tools. Contact us to share your experience or to ask for help finding the right tools for you. Connect with us on social media to share your work and join our community!