We hear you’re seeking a cheap and easy way to make your hair grow faster. Are you on the hunt for a simple and convenient way to transform your hair into a luscious mane that screams health and beauty? Well thank the internet goddesses because you’ve just stumbled upon the answer... and its merely a boar bristled brush. Before you go out and buy a boar bristled brush, lets get into the why, when, and where behind this magnificent creation because its essential to know.

Boar Bristle benefits

1. Grows hair faster and prevents hair loss

The boar bristles stimulate the scalp which increases blood flow and natural oil production.

2. Conditions and adds shine

When the natural oils are stroked from the scalp to the ends of the hair it naturally conditions and adds a beautiful shimmer and glow your hair so desperately wants.

3. Strengthens and minimizes frizz

Believe it or not, the boar bristles completely smooth out the hair cuticles which will in turn make your hair stronger, prevent split ends, and tame frizz like no other brush does! A slight poof could be attained while brushing but this can easily be combated with a quick twist around your fingers to smooth everything back into place.

4. Cleanses hair

Your hair gathers debris, dirt and anything else that could be attracted to your locks. The boar bristles remove any filth accumulated throughout the day.

5. Great styling tool

Hair stylists all over the world know its an essential and highly beneficial tool to have on them. Heres what Sara Jane Maples-Buttner also known as @blushandmane on instagram, has to say about our brush, “I absolutely love how Creative Hair Tools boar bristle brushes smooth and controls frizz! I use them on every bride and have them handy on set!”

May 11, 2022 — Jacob Guttman